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Mad viking games

MVG Can-shaped glass

MVG Can-shaped glass

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Whether you revel in savoring refreshing mead, Viking-inspired cocktails, or the traditional Nordic brews, this glass is the epitome of Nordic elegance and Viking refinement. Crafted from premium glass material, it exudes a sense of timeless sophistication.

With a generous volume of 16 oz. (473 ml), this glass is perfect for indulging in your favorite libations, whether it be a hearty ale or a frosty mocktail. While it harks back to ancient Nordic feasting traditions, its trendy design ensures it fits seamlessly into any modern setting.

Please note, due to its delicate craftsmanship, this glass is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use. Enhance your drinking experience with a touch of Nordic charm and raise your glass to the spirit of the Vikings.
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