One step more in our adventure

As a play-to-earn game studio, we aim to become a benchmark in the industry. Beyond the digital realm, we're diving into the world of fashion to make MVG a brand you can not only carry in your digital wallet but also wear proudly.


Limited edition

To celebrate our first merchandise launch, we have incorporated special embroidery to commemorate this momentous event. These unique designs will exclusively adorn the first batch of clothing, making them collectible items. Subsequent editions will feature distinctive badges, but the original embroidery will be unique to this inaugural edition, making them even more special.


MVG as a brand

MVG aims to transcend beyond just an NFT niche; we envision becoming an omnichannel brand that resonates globally. Our ambition is to establish ourselves as a comprehensive lifestyle brand, appealing to a wide audience across various platforms and mediums, bridging the gap between digital innovation and physical presence.


MVG Merch

The upcoming batches will be more accessible, moving away from the limited collectible editions to ensure everyone can enjoy our gear. While maintaining the quality and unique designs MVG is known for, we're expanding our inventory to meet the demand without limits, making it easier for everyone to wear their Viking spirit every day.



As a company, we aim to lead the way in embracing the new era, committed to minimizing unnecessary waste and CO2 emissions. Therefore, each product will be made to order, ensuring we minimize excess waste.