Welcome to the Leader board

On this page we will update every month the people who bought the most products of the collection, in order to be able to win an exclusive NFT before its release.


This is a shot of the card that will be officially launched in the third batch of nfts in the marketplace. The final version is animated. By winning it this way you will have access to the countdown to start breeding your nft before anyone else who buys it through the marketplace, since the age of the NFT is a crucial part of the breeding system.

vagr card nft available soon on the upcoming marketplace

  • Products

    In total we have 6 products in the store, the first people who buy the 6 products first, will be on the list.

  • Winners

    The list contemplates 10 spaces to reflect the people who have purchased the most, the first 3 places will be the winners.

  • List update

    Each month starting in May the list will be updated monthly, so next month we will give the winners of the previous month.